Nancy Andrews to speak at 2015 APPM conference

buy neurontin gabapentin nancy andrewsNancy Andrews will be speaking about analytics of photography and video at the 2015 APPM Conference at Stanford University on Saturday, October 17.

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Veteran digital media editor and visual journalist Nancy Andrews comes to us from West Virginia University where she’s the Ogden Visiting Professor for Innovation. As the digital managing editor for 9 years at the Detroit Free Press, she has a wealth of experience to share from mobile to social media to video to live coverage to deep dive explanatory journalism. Also, she’s recently been experimenting with 3D storytelling using the Matterport system. Her focus at the convention will be digital analytics. She’s expert in using Adobe Analytics, Brightcove metrics and Chartbeat to better understand how we can reach more people with our content and in more meaningful and engaging ways. Plus, reward what we’re doing right too.

Andrews has led specific data projects and explanatory work such as the SABEW-award-winning project, “How Detroit Went Broke.” She has led her Free Press staffs to earn four national Emmy Awards and three national Edward R. Murrow Awards. While at The Washington Post Andrews was named Photographer of the Year by the White House News Photographers Association and by the University of Missouri and the National Press Photographers Association Pictures of the Year International.

She loves to teach and share. That’s why she’s been on the board of the Eddie Adams Workshop for 15 years, led video training for more than 3,000 journalists across Gannett, and now teaches at the Reed College of Media at WVU.

For more on Nancy, follow her on Twitter or Instagram @NancyAndrews or visit her site: