Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin (San Francisco Chronicle) to speak at 2016 APPM Conference

San Francisco Chronicle filmmakers Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin will discuss the process of making of making the newspaper’s first feature-length documentary about long-term AIDS survivors in San Francisco in their Monday, September 12 presentation “The Making of Last Men Standing” at the 2016 APPM Conference in Philadelphia.

Brethauer and Hussin created the film over the course of ten months and was released in conjunction with a special 20-page newspaper section with original reporting by Erin Allday and an accompanying online package of stories, videos and interactive graphics.

Monday evening, there will be a screening of the film.


brethauer_headshotErin Brethauer is a documentary filmmaker and video producer at the San Francisco Chronicle where she’s been working on long-term projects on topics like gentrification, homelessness and sea level rise since 2014. Before moving to the Bay Area, she was a multimedia editor and staff photographer for seven years at the Citizen-Times in Asheville, North Carolina. Last Men Standing is her first feature-length film. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 





Tim Hussin is a documentary filmmaker and photographer on staff at the San Francisco Chronicle. His work has appeared in various publications, including National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Telegraph, among others. He was trained in Video Production at the NYC-based production company MediaStorm. Last Men Standing is his second feature length documentary film. His first, America Recycled, chronicles his two-year, 5,000 mile bicycle journey with his brother through radical communities in the American South. 

Brethauer and Hussin also co-produce The Regulars, a weekly photo and video column at the Chronicle, which offers a poetic glimpse into the lives of everyday people in the Bay Area, caught in routine activities of modern urban life.



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